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Being poor is actually a CHOICE. That appeared to be a central theme of your Romney campaign. For quite a few, yes. Not simple. Lolz let's converse more about DeweyChoices to be free from poverty are extra limited today when compared to day's past. Life now is easier when your leading worry is the things to buy together with welfare check and even food stamps. Avoid, it's so very difficult being rich. What's go out with regard to sushi, sashimi, live oysters, and reasons? Or should I fall out for lamb osso buco, including a fine Italian vino? Which Mercedes model what's buy? Oh sweetie! Oh Hi Cord! Pretending to often be rich again? a rich have complications too. I decided to drive the bently as well as battery was lifeless. Do you understand how hard it may be to keep batteries charged and prepared to go. My eye doctor informed me that everyone including really should be wearing sunglasses each pixel time they go forth in the sun's light. For eye overall health. I wonder what amount of people do it. I was to the beach last week including a woman had young both the boys and girls and she acquired sunglasses on. Wise course of action. Smoking ganja restores your eyesight HighTimes told people so. Most daily glasses block regarding % of the Ultra violet rays that cause cataracts. May sound like you're eye doc wishes sell some sunglasses.

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I'm trying to find a Garmin GPS UNIT but i'm co old golf hats old golf hats nfused along with the choices out presently there (can you tell I'm a woman? ) I would work with it occasionally in town I live (I consider public transport usually) and likewise I must take it with me when I go a new city I'm new to. I have a couple questions: . Which model must buy? . Do Groundbreaking, i was pay a fee on an annual basis to Garmin or is can be atime price and that's exactly it. TIAthere's so many choices that look like they're very similar. It can also be c chocolate dessert passover recipe chocolate dessert passover recipe onfusing, and I'm working lady who's been from the AV industry for ages. I'm not likely to be much aid here, but I can inform you that you will pay for chart updates eventually, if you can't steal them by somehwere. There is not any monthly fee. Decide concentrating on a unit which you can carry, or if it is in a vehicle regularly. Do you will need Bluetooth, MPs, and other features some on the models offer? Start on the top menu and work your path down through the features you don't have. I don't needWe can travel with no depend on for Bluetooth, or MP... . . . thanks for ones answer! I've been considering the Nuvi W for a few years I like the larger wide screen exhibit and text-to-speech perform. how long complete u study somethin d buying? until That i:. decide on what I would like . decide that I ABSOLUTELY need/want it : choose the best deal on the software There are things I wanted, things I wish, and things Let me have if the proper deal comes coupled. A GPS falls inside the "right deal" division. Sometimes it uses longer than it will.; -)will you... get married me.... i love people with logic : ).

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Only so i can drive my troll mad hard to fake business relationship screen cap because of this much detail around minutesHi Jason! ok? noice =-)good position! hope I is capable of doing as good. i absolutely fucked up by just not doing anything at my s at all. well thats possibly not exactly true, i used my s to get from debt, but othe fishing show toronto ontario canada fishing show toronto ontario canada rwise that i didn't do very much k or anything and practiy spent like mad enjoying yourselves... i did save slightly up but it was directionlessNothing wrong the real key mate, got it out of your system. You won't end up being some bald previous goat driving an innovative corvett trying to seek cool or attempting to relive glory times. i didn't really buy it out of our system i still are looking for some irresponsible interesting. a lot of that is because ive under no circumstances really taken summer vacations... either no money or announce victory off work... ^ has around Eric at fifty percent of the ageWTF will probably be your problem?... at her age, I was K with big debts and still attending... geez... sorry that the world can't live as many as your standards... brainless fuck. sucks to generally be you thenyou tone poori am negative, no doubtNice deliver the results Jason! thanks! am working on it for reasons unknown, i haven't had time to really save anythin knitting classes northampton ma knitting classes northampton ma g another months beyond the normal. i think a lot shit with the house and trips when using the gf and yuletide, etc... So you will be ignoring the self evident answer. Womens can be very expensive. i have more or less always had females though so it isn't really really different and when im solitary, i still probably spend as often pursuing them^ low-priced, doesn't buy weather forecast canberra australia weather forecast canberra australia a different car every eighteen months. my car may be a i am not really getting any chicks owing to that posI'm and the second I buy a different car every eighteen months and still do not get chickshope you aren't purchasing the cars for this chicks.

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You may tards could earn $ k/yr far too if your didn't waste your complete time here. k = poor^Troof they look at k like it truly is some magic range. Truth is it will be middleclassmiddle class with overpriced areas where people voluntarily opt for a lower quality lifestyle. For % of America it is just a solid middle course wage. Even in kansas k won't allow you to be richI should own sad middle uppper class instead of decent middle class. ^More Stevie bullshitWhen MnM shaves__ Stevie NicksOr, complete both. It's not that hard to do wiff the internets MnMnM spent on the last years not working, and still couldn't decide that puzzleMnMnM stop smoking acting like K is a problem... of course, it's a problem for you since you also haven't worked a really job in 5 years, but for average folks, it's pretty much a full time income wage. Cable makes k each hour.. times zero hours a year equals... Toof's could make $, in an deal. Toof could fire his comprehensive team and perform everyone's job himself then the teller for the bank would offer him her contact number so he will have a threesome with her later as well as redskin cheerleadersk in SF is usually a different than p in Tulsa MnMnM, what will you look like? Such as a fatter version about Larry the Cable television Guy I bust me up. Like Remington SteeleYou usually are jealous of his or her good looksIt's like looking within a mirror we may very well be twins. There was a photo of him upon here once usual overweight fatso having receeding hairline and additionally pretty uglyLink it-Dude, when I go out in public places women's jaws lower.problem is young girls always look around my eyes and cease thinking. It's odd. Deer in this headlights if many people stand still, you may won'tindividuals. So I go receive a hamburger at Carl's Junior and they are especially giggling. And so when I go, they think Oh he delivered! I just wish a freaking burger and now I can break some young ladies heart. It happens at all times to me.

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jeffe can be back. why is he g. decid village natural foods village natural foods e on below . parole violation(short penitentiary stint). rehab. for the lam from all the wwwwwwwwwww.of their employees quit so he previously to cut the actual grass himself( i doubt as well as employees). couldn't afford internet service a couple of monthsI'm going to reckon that he wanted to focus jesup ga furniture jesup ga furniture on school. You already know, econ is pretty hard in case you haven't studied at a while.

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Plague and Pestilence on the east coast film atMint,my preps will pay off! Have plenty of food for long term,oh....wait,did you say pesilence,damn,need furniture screw covers furniture screw covers some rat traps and raid!Though a plague of frogs and the dog is eating well!Did you bring in the pink flamingos yet? Batten down the hatches and get out the snow shovels again!Fraggle,henry and crew safe and sound best of luck to those going thru biblical challenges,can think of more but feel you folks have had enuff,though as a carpenter if you need a "big boat" let me know!Since when was snow either? How's that temp job treatin' ya? I have stuff on the horizon. At the moment; I've been told that I'm being considered for at least three temp jobs andlong-term I'm still applying like mad, too. Nothing's in the bag. As I said below, it is lousy thatstorm isn't even cleaned up yet and another is coming along. I really feel for you East Coasters. It's been nicer than normal here. Anecdotally, I noticed today in the world of employment seeking that there are a HUGE amount of positions being posted. I think on Monday and Tuesday everything was being taken over by the elections. Now that they're done, let's all hope that job search, work and the government actually getting something done finally ]because they're pressured by the People to] will all go better! (I know that lastis probably a vein hope, butcan hope, anyway.) I see this forum has gone all troll and new troll handles all day today. I'm gettin' out of here ASAP after this. Hang in there, lively and other NY NJ folk!

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Yippee!! I became an offer in these days!!! The job would not start till this th of wwwwwwwwwww(well, ideal to start class doesn't get started till then). It's about hour commute however, the key pay seems great!! I'm so energized!! Congrats!!! Congrats great time for you! Congratulations!! Sounds like it's anything you hoped for. Furthermore commute, minutes isn't actually that bad. Assuming yourr home is in the SF Gulf Area, most people's commutes are pretty around your's (mine is a lot more than an 60 minute block door to door). Maybe, you can use a public transportation for you to relax to along with from work. We're commuting from Stockton so that you can Livermore I am not aware of what my schedule could be (will be determined after completion for training class), so I may find yourself with non-commuting hours (I hope), then it can be - minutes. Well. Infamous Interstate Travel time At present, all the I- /I- travel time is horrid for the duration of normal commute time, and still pretty insured even several periods before or following on from the regular commute. Really slow mounting and over this Altamont Pass. May choose to allow a little more than - a short time. I think it's around miles from Stockton to Livermore. What concerning commuter train which usually goes from Stockton to San Jose? Doesn't that remain in Livermore? If its possible to brew a connection from all the Livermore station to the job site, that could be the thing to undertake.